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Although I love running icontests, it's fair to say that 8 icontests is way too many. So I'm looking to either hand some over to other people, merge certain icontests, simplify the challenges or a combination of the above.

First things first, hand some over to other people. Who would be interested in taking over dw_epicontest?
(Please only do this if you're really interested and basically have been waiting for an opportunity like this to come along. Icontests take time to run and are not just for the summer holidays or Christmas. ;)

If no-one wants to take over this community, there are two options.
Option #1: The episode based challenges will basically take the place of the Who Cast challenges at dw_stillness. Challenges will last for one week.
Option #2: Episode based challenges will continue here, but I will only supply up to 5 pictures and there will be no themes.

Feel free to leave any questions, suggestions, comments, etc. :)
Comments are screened.
Let me know if you want your comment to stay screened.
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(no subject)

Unfortunately I'm having a particular problem with LJ, pages aren't loading for me fully so I can only see part of the comments which means I can't post the winners or new voting entries.

Basically all open posts, challenges and voting, will stay open until I can load the comments and since I'm working tomorrow that will be in 18 hours at the earliest.
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(no subject)

(This is a bit of a general post which I'm posting to all my icontests so I apologize beforehand for the spamming. The links are different for each community though. ^^)

LJ seems to be more up than down at the moment which is good, unfortunately though I've just finished a 12-hour shift at work and am exhausted, so I'm simply going to post links to any open challenge and voting posts. With a little bit of luck I'll be able to update more tomorrow.

12 hours left to vote: Challenge 115: Voting
18 hours left to enter: Challenge 116: 6.07: A Good Man Goes to War

Enjoy your weekend! :)
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Challenge 116: 6.07: A Good Man Goes to War

Your challenge this week... :)

You can use any screencap from the episode in question
There are some caps provided behind the cut
Blending, textures, brushes, etc are allowed unless otherwise specified
Your icons must be new, never before used or posted, and they can't be posted anywhere until the winners have been announced
Still icons only.
Entries must meet LJ requirements: 100x100 pixels, no bigger than 40KB
You can make up to 2/two free-for-all icons for this challenge
You can enter 1/one extra icon but it has to follow the theme: One
There can be only one main subject (person or object) in your icon.
Please submit your icons to this post, images and URL's (comments are screened)

Entry count: 9

Submissions will close Saturday, July 30, 18.00 CET

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